On Ba, Necromancy and Sources

The situation is much more complex, as is history of ideas, societies and power, but let’s play it simple and dilettantish:

Warning: A conjecture of one man cannot constitute reality of another; Further, hypothetico-deductive methods fail if not enough data is provided. As I usually prefer to write neo-hermetica and focus on the deeper, more profound and greater picture and rarely ever write new-ageish, this is a rare case of the latter in which the bitter-sweet details may be true, yet obscure the more transcendent, delicate view. 


What is commonly known throughout the world as ‘soul’ or at least the term that was appropriated by Christianity illegally and its meanings twisted left and right, is in fact merely a small portion of the human spiritual system.

From my observations with second sight and magnetoreceptive experiments I found that ‘Ba’, or soul in Egyptian polipneumatology (the teachings on multiple souls) is what is generated sexually, essentially from mother’s and father’s souls that may be entwined with genetics. In other sense there is no proof that the mixture of souls may also influence genomic composition of a new human, it is a question of an open far-fetched speculation. Apart from the mother-father soul inheritance, various other souls or entities may mix into the composition of the expressive developmental potential of a human being, that may or may not affect the genetic composition and expression of bodily, facial features, and character. If the Central Nervous System with the Brain is the main exponent of biopsychological features, the passive Ba-soul is expressing and co-developing along with this correlation.

What I do know is that in ancient times ‘Ba’ was developed – as in developmental psychology, so in developmental pneumatology –  with the human being along with his, hers Genii, Juno (nature, spirit, fullest potential), whereas ‘Ba’ was a passive soul* and received the mental and emotive imprints of the whole human being throughout his, hers life, from childhood until death and further was sustained by the life-force generated by blood and heart and thus related to the shadow-soul (Khaibit) which is psycho-sexual in effect. The Ba was often portrayed as leaving the body enwinged, if the serpent operation was performed correctly, while Khaibit (or shade) was an active component of one’s afterlife actions among the world of the living. The Priests of Anubis often consulted their dead in regards to consulting the future (Necromancy) or in such trivial tasks as finding out who committed robery, as the dead (shades) know more than mortals, and read mortal humans like an open book.

*In Egyptian literature, please consult ‘Dispute between Man and his Ba‘ in which the soul symbolically advises the man against suicide. ( Papyrus Berlin 3024)

a1 - 1a6e Hilton Hotema.jpg

This soul, or ‘Ba’ was enclosed in a protective sheating called Sahu, which was a Soul-Craft, and was responsible for performing mentalese, psionic and magickal operations, as well as astral travel in dream-time, and bi-location and astral work in waking hours. Both Ba-Soul and Sahu could grow by various magickal and spiritual excercises, increasing its field and linking it with the Ka and Ren, or the soul-power that depended on the quality of the Ka of the beholder, thus the Ka of Gods and Goddesses was much greater than that of human beings, while the name – Ren – constituted will-power and creative magickal word (logoi), the greater the power of Ren the greater the potency of the magickal work. Those were related to Akh (the star of consciousness, or the pneumatic spirit) and was truly equated with stars across the universe, as if the consciousness of a mortal would be signified by a magnanimous star. In Graeco-Roman mysteries a belief was held that heroes were rewarded with Stars and Constellations, as if world-systems in which their Genius resided, prospered and governed. Another Egyptian component was Sekhem – a prototype of what is to be, represented somehow by Ptahil – or the prototypical man-woman in their original pre-carnal state, that is before the universal spirit was captured in the generative world of nature, apes and mortal monkeys. In essence a potentiality to unfold into being beyond one life – that perhaps may be related to Haroesis, as Golden Horus was the one ‘Seeing All the Futures’. In this picture everything seems to be under control, but we encounter the Typhonian power, representing slayed Osiris that is representing the generative realms of transience and decay. Forces representing Typhon are in essence obstructing, obscuring, hiding, casting delusion and ignorance so that no man or woman may realize their potential in moderation of perfected work. Yet the forces above continuously call, while rarely anyone responds, thus the Chaldean formula of ‘Calling and Receiving’, and the Orphic formula of ‘Memory is Truth’, or ‘Memory preserves the call’, those who remember are called ‘heroes’.

Now, this ‘Ba’ was also a target of necromancy since ages, or ‘binding one’s soul’ meant to have control over one’s mind, as the mind translated into a passive soul, so conversely a passive soul  that was bound could influence a passive mind. It also bound a part of his spiritual and magickal efficacy on Earth, thus thanathurgy busied itself with scrying, binding, and controlling the souls of others in order to force them to do something, e.g. fall in love, killing or making insane an opponent by such-means, or quite to the opposite, abusing the shadow-souls (Khaibit) of the dead, dispatching them to execute a similar influence by the means of possession, binding, obsession, allure and other methods. Since then many things changed and were refined, and no longer do we have excellent witches such as Circe scrying the souls of warriors into pigs, or souls of pigs unto men, or necromancers busying themselves on the battlefields, binding the souls of slayed warriors in order to make them execute their bidding.

I wanted to elucidate that in modern days souls may be simply displaced, modified and carved in the Astral zone, as if in a ‘soul laboratory’, and then planted into people. Examples of such workings are the Moon Kids of Aleister Crowley, that are beautiful souls born on Earth and thus become ennobled in their own fashion. Such an operation was nothing new, although the genuine forces that are reborn and incarnate on Earth are of much higher quality and prowess. As an example, Julian’s father (Julian the Chaldean) prayed his son to be drawn from an Archangel – his son became a renown Theurgist, magoi, writer of Chaldean Oracles and serving in the army of Marcus Aurelius (161-189 ME), legendarily causing a large storm over the enemy camp with the assistance of aerial spirits, or Aethyrs.

This supposed ‘gene machine’ and the soul exchange became something awful, as people are neither aware of that, nor oftenwise do they have control over their own souls that rightfully belonged to them in the past. Souls are treated like vital-sexual blobs and trained via mind through random unaware people in order to divide and distribute them further. The problem with souls is that they are passive, thus they believe in what mind believes in.

That’s why Christianity was harmful.  The outcomes are stupefied soulets that look like small spheres hanging in the atmosphere bound to be reborn and zeaolotic daft angeloids of the Earthly sphere – fanatics on wings (Kundalini-Serpentine energies enwinging does not prove perfection, any wretch may be enwinged with proper technique). Fortunately that’s not the whole picture, but they are quite annoying in attacks, forced conversions, subtle methods of conversion – all for the purpose of control and breeding more religion-tainted souls. They are not integrated with their prime Genii, Pneuma and other components, because Christianity has no such methods and destroyed all the mysteries that assured such an outcome. Souls may be also highly charged food for some, as the more souls are created, the greater the feast on the psychic-sexual-magnetic-vital clusters (The Judeo-Christian religions – go and ‘procreate’, go and produce more ‘souls’, go make more ‘food’ are wholly an example of such a mess). A soul that is not sustained either by continuous re-fuelling from the magnetospheric ‘sources’, after the body dies, or in magickal parole, it is ‘disconnected from the source’, it didn’t develop a link in-between other soul-bodies and draw energy from the Star (Ra) or other forms of infinite sources, but relies on the Earthly energy. Example of such sources (ok, one scene taken from a movie, white-and-black is an ‘ideal’ grid and the one in the right corner is a true one) are here:


Imagine that each such ‘source’ has an array of entities of varied types and parasites attached to it, from which they draw their power and are wholly dependent on it. Not only that, they also distribute the ‘free energy’ of Earth among themselves, so that the ‘age of myth and magick’ of times past nowadays is but a fantasy, as most of this energy is reglamented and controlled, contributing to the blindness. Power over the grid is power over souls is power over minds. If it would be unleashed now, it would lead to tremendous consequences, however, someone put the master-slave relationship in the first place, in which the growing populations of Earth are blinded and never even step on paths to liberation. I’m often attacked by such entities of the sources, mainly for belief-systems reasons, but also because of the remnants of my prowess stemming from a Solar consciousness, yet they are bound to Earth and never move beyond the Sub-Lunar spheres. It is a form of a prison, one might think – but there are ways out.

If the soul-Ba is not enwinged and loses its vital energies it undergoes decay and falls into the shadow (Khaibit) and either develops vampiric tendencies, becomes dormant, latent, stays on the surface dwelling among the living or in places abandoned by humans, or withdraws into the chtonic underworld.

With the modern tech-layer (eight sphere) the situation grew even more complex, because it created a manipulativeable deception-within-deception, in which astral bodies may be translated into cyber-IDs while certain power-zones are controlled by registries and agencies that deal with psy-ops. There was a CIA saying that ‘We don’t need black magic, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, that’s why we invented radionics‘.  It is amusing to me that the registered dislumined folk called me ‘unauthorized pirate’, it all started with the Judeo-Christian lie and progressed further with their cruxed worm carried around the perimeter of Earth, and led to countless of slaughters, of bodies, minds and souls. Jews called me a ‘Meshuggah and a Goy’, Christian slaves an ‘Antichrist pig’, and as an empowered Pagan I find it quite a proud achievement that I resiliently survived all this brainwashing of the modern world, authorized by Isis with technomagickal pretences, ignoring these outshouting, outmanning imbeciles.

They often threatened me with ‘Juda’. To clarify, ‘Juda’, after the Judeo-Christian take-over of liars was basically ‘A Pool of Fire’ known to Egyptians, that was a domain of fire-element and it was meant to cleanse and purify souls and spirits in ascent. Judeo-Christian slaves made a torture-house out of it because they lacked a technique to know how to ‘baptise in fire’ in order to release (and in fact signed a Covenant-pact with the Blind God – most likely, Samael). All Judeo-Christian theology is put into disarray and easily destroyed as inconsistent by standards of neo-platonics, scientific theologies of Heathens, and ceremonies and techniques of more remote civilizations and cultures. They craved for ‘Justice’ for such a long time that I hope they’ll receive it, but not on their terms – but paying for centuries of abuse of this planetary system, countless slaughters of minds, hearts, bodies and souls.

Armageddon scenarion.

Most likely any instability of the magnetic core, magnetic wandering, or a full-out magnetic shift will re-shuffle the dimensions and they will have a lot to pay for. The magnetic poles stabilizes after, circa 1000-1500 years after a dramatic shift, according to the Pittsburgh supercomputer simulation, and that means all ‘hells set loose’, their masters and fly-angelies will be disempowered losing the sources, and humans beings are basically dealing with a storm of pissed off, magma-fried souls and spirits of everyone who was punished for not believing in their bloody ‘Jesus’ (human beings without second sight won’t even see them, but they might get heavily insane, possessed and unwieldy). If that will happen sooner or later is also a matter of speculation. Until then, all is hidden behind the Veils.

This much said, the most important component is the Pneuma, or Genii that once developed becomes a highly focused, concentrated Spirit that truly is indestructible, because it resonates with Akh and Sekhem, that is – Star Forces and in fact participates in those worlds.

Last but not least.

There are plenty of spiritual traditions and lineages to draw from, that are objectively valid and assisting and developing us on the way out, if we choose so. So, despite enemies attacks,we may affirm life, work towards Therion Ergon (work of mortals, work of Gods) and after shedding this mortal shell become reborn in higher or other worlds, ignoring this ‘umbrella of illusion, ignorance and deception’, and ways to bypass this slave-system by practice, act and alignments with other forces.

Please remember that this picture is incomplete and is a mere draft, it does not contain all nuances, and should not be treated fundamentally. It is merely an aspect.


Dialogue XXXV – On Intelligencers and Natures

Fuomo: After most wondrous exposition of the planetary natures, dear Peripsol, outshining glory, armored Divinity with a Mercurial helmet of Solar Intellect, I’d like to inquire, how do intelligencers and natures of planets come about?

Peripsol: As it was established before ideas are not something without life and they are forces that are tainted with energies, from the Simple Monadic One unto more diverse, whose angles and complexity evolve in ever greater diversity. Being so, they incorporate and capture forces that fused and focused are generating a posteriori from a priori. This existing, that arises, a priori ideas existing, world co-dependently co-arises, here ideas are understood as forces of the esential realities that in their shadow constitute the physicial objective reality. As the physical forces that are captured in laws and researched by physicists, the essential forces are researched by people practicing philosophy in a scientia-theological, metaphysical sense. Thusly in regard to the genealogy of the Governors, or Archons of Planets and natures of the Stars on this particular world-system, which humans nowadays inhabit – they were formed by forces and ideas and they too underwent evolution during formation of the Stars, planets and alike.

Fuomo: Must I understand thus, small-mindedly focusing on a particular instance, that Mars of the geological Hesperian period that ended approximately two billion years ago was different from the forces and natures it emits nowadays? I recall a book by Stanisław Lem and a movie adaptation by Tarkovsy called ‘Solaris’ in which the quality and nature of a planet completely overtook the minds of astronauts as ‘alien’ species in a different system than the Solar System and Earth. Assuming the possibility of such travel a human would be placed in a different configuration of aforementioned forces and ideas, as you named them, Peripsol, yet how does it relate to modern species of humans and their societies, animals, etc.?

Peripsol: Every planet brings a symposium of fates and potentialities, like a meeting of old friends – they all have a stance to contribute, their deeds and motives that focus on a community, or a person that communicates something. Human symposia my be dissolved temporarily, yet Planets have their pertractations at Olympic summits at all times. Let me explain in the following manner: Planets issuing their ‘ideas’ that is natures in variegated configurations are having an effect symmetrical and proportional to affect life and living organisisms, as rallied around the Star. Thus alteration in the psyche, souls etc. Cause a certain network of co-dependent co-arising clusters of potentials, fates etc.

Fuomo: Yet, how to bridge the effects they bring about with the posssibility of interpretation and what agents are at work to further such change, moreover, how do they emerge?

Peripsol: By the law of concordance and similarity of natures a lesser nature gravitates towards the greater and is subject to the former one’s pull, thus an organism, or a life-form that is configured towards certain characteristics of ideas-as-forces is therefore related to the superior nature of a given planet. Likewise natures of a planet may be interpreted, or translated upon the human lives, their spheres of activities, their characters, minds and souls. That in due course of action can never be precise, as the more variables we attempt to extract, the lesser the precision of our interpretation. That is why humans of still natures, or mostly Saturnine, or mostly Mercurial, or mostly Solar etc. are bound to this planet or Star which they are alike to, if they also configure their soul and spirit in such a way, or they move away from the Solar System into a different world-system, if perchance their spirits become released from the influence of Archontic dominions. Most people, however, are bound to Earth and they do not migrate further than the sub-Lunar world, for progressing requires conditions and circumstances of either fortunes or the Great Work. Now, as for the intelligencers, they are those spirits that are consigned to the given spheres of Earth, Sub-Lunar or Supra-Lunar worlds, in order of Ages and Eons, according to cosmic time-cicles and time-circuits as the descriptions of a certain order that emerges from the cosmic movements of the Celestial Spheres. Remember thus, that they are Clock-Work Angels, messengers, thus Genii that are Time-dependent and assigned to given hours, days, months and years, as well as creatures of the spiritual worlds that are non Time-Dependent, thus they occur wherever, and whenever they want. The former rejoice in their dependency and can rest when not performing their duties, the latter are free, but not of high rank, there are also those great forces that are not bound by time, nor space, transcending all that, yet also appearing in our world continuously, as if ever-present. All Intelligencers are not without action, they act upon the world continuously and consistently accordant with their inclination;

Fuomo: Thus, from this diversity emerges a picture of a perfect organization that within its diversity displaces the apparent clear sight of a cosmos being a cosmos, not a chaos, yet it generates orders and complexities on so many different levels that we can’t complain that a malignant spirit attacked us, for example, consigned to Hades of Air element on Earth, whereas it is small, space-bound, for example to one territory, and time-dependent, while we complain that because of that our mind underwent a fatal negative change and we complain not even noticing, that for example, the Greater Nature of Planet Jupiter endowed us with a highly Noble and a high fate?

Peripsol: You see it finely, that is why persistence and perseverance in work is of utter importance, while holding yourself on guard against overriding malignancy is of prime defense. In effect it is you, solely you, that battles for your heart and mind, unless you are a passive recipient of the world’s fates and allow yourself to be willess? You may ask for assistance and help when things are getting murkier and darker, thus armed with this knowledge, I will leave you to yourself, ah – one more thing – be of clear memory and reason your last lapse was…

Fuomo: Rather irrational, I agree, my mind was deformed exactly by such malignance.

Peripsol: Guard yourself, you are perfectly equipped with reasoning skills, on occasion sheer stupidity of malignant moods and attacks may displace it. See the power of enemies of your ascent onto the Saturn’s spheres and beyond into stars – what do they have? They have to destroy your Reason, Intellect, your Compassion and Benevolence, Understanding, Wisdom, in order to triumph, they can’t make you reasonable or wise, but they may ruin you into irrational stupidity, cruel malignancy, or imprudent foolishness. What you’ve built is already your own, it is your Genii and Star, this temporary privations are merely the frustration of our enemies that attempt to bite out of their delusion and ignorance.

Fuomo: Thank you for your consolation, I must carry on with my works, even if my Dragon’s mind is progressively more and more disobedient, I’ll retain my guard.


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The Beggar and the Devil

The beggar was looking for some food and cigarettes in the garbage bin. He was nervous, as it was not his territory. Other beggars could appear and beat him up. Around midnight – he looked at the clock ticking away time near the bus station – a tall shadow-figure, nobly drawn, appeared.

The beggar looked at him and said: -‘You, menace, again, what do you want dog?’-

-Did you find your food?- He asked

-‘Yes’ – answered the beggar

-‘Did you find your cigarettes?’- asked the devil.

‘Yes’ – answered the beggar angrily.

-‘Then all is catered for’ – answered the devil, smiling.

-You know that it was human stupidity, and their vain jealousies’ – said the beggar

-‘I remember’ – answered the tall shadow-figure

-‘I was a professor, my students were wonderful’ – said the beggar in hesitation.

-‘You are a wretched beggar, you stink, that’s how they see you, I don’t’ – said the devil.

-‘Yet I’m your slave, I was at the top of my career, my wife, and kids, all…’ – the beggar recalled sadly.

-‘You are a worm, a street-worm, and our lot spits on you in condescenscion’ – said the devil.

-‘I was rising through ranks of the spheres, not like some ordinary person, at the height of my ceremonial, Divine career, I was a Doctor of Divinities and many sciences, an excellent enterpreneur, they’ve almost accepted my diplomatic appli….’ – he stopped, sobbing.

-‘You are dust and shit and bile and phlegm, why don’t you acknowledge what you are NOW‘ – the devil said imposingly.

-‘Yet, I have my dignity of a star, I won’ – the beggar gently smiled recalling a past pride. 

-‘Such are the times you pig, excellence is not required, you won too much with the Gods, see?’ – the devil yelled whispering.

-‘Why couldn’t you…why did they not stop?’- asked the beggar

-‘Humans ruined you, then the other side, it just required a small push. I’m a non-chalant, see, I don’t torment people, idiots do it for me in their imprudence’ – said the devil. -‘I could, however, return some things to you’ – he said magnanimously, playing compassion.

-‘Begone, scum, you want to dissect the empire’s of my memories you’ve thieved, and then dissect my life to return my rightful share?’ 

-‘So it is, am I not strong?’ – the devil bowed and whispered.

-‘You are one of many, your pettiness and vulgarity turned me into that’ – the beggar said -‘I was a better man, a better man!’ – he cried

-Yet, you were a pagan, not a believer’ – smiled the devil.

-‘I know who you are, you are that bishop that passed away, Christian devils, you fat Catholic stench’ – the beggar uttered.


-‘Curse your religion, Azazil’s underdogs and their white fliers concealing the Gods and Angeloi of Ancients, Masters and Agathos Daimones, and you shadow-worms concealing the dead now let me find my cigarettes, I’ll perish soon, later I’m free, I’ve seen through all your illusions, the Veils were lifted for me to see, to understand’ – he cried.

-‘That is true. So you see, so you understand’ – he hissed – ‘As you wish, we have more to cater for’ – said the bishop-devil. -‘Our angels will take care of the kneeling worms’ – he winked at the beggar. -‘What’s your power over us?’ – he inquired laughingly, you don’t even have enough energy to stand. 

-Azazil tried to behead me with his dark wings, and I’m the Red Dragon of my Aion that will behead all of you straight into the Typhon’s den’ – the beggar said, scantly believing his words.

-When?’ – the devil asked in an interested manner. 

-‘When I’ll pass away’ – the beggar smiled.

They trashed the beggar left and right, invisible forces, visible only to him

The Beggar stood, despite the blows and said with a weak voice: ‘You’ll see, you’ll see’.

Indifference is the enemy

Fuomo: Now, arriving at the point of indifference, I mock the world from a superior position, yet I’m still enslaved in its disturbed grounds, chained to a living corpse, a Dionisian tomb, previously committed to countless swine with Divine ceremonies and Calls, Invocations and Creations, all laid to dust in this mire of illusion. Journeying through life’s careers and lows, call me a proud beggar, if you will! A destitute hyena! A dignified hooded hobo with eyes of wisdom that freeze passers-by with their fixed stare!

Priestess of Isis: We know of all your stories, no need to tell. So you’re not staying, what made you so vile? The soul of Sirius spread her rainbow wings above the planet, and reverted your privation.

Fuomo: I’ve awakened her, and called upon great powers to descend and take care of our world, in ceremonies and militant service to this world. Gratitude was not expected of vermin, but to be ruined and mocked for the attempt to reverse their pathetic condition is beyond my cognition!

Priestess of Isis: Your contempt is well planned and poignant, yet it is a pity to see you in a fallen state.

Fuomo: Truly, the swine attempted to use and abuse it to further their vermin-like political, societal and primarily religious power-schemes. I myself arise into immortality, watch the poor vermin die into the green of Death. I’ve earned my name and Ankh, my spirit transported into the Divine. I don’t care for the rest, may they perish, all my plans overrun, outgunned, out-manned. I’m like a beggar-man, hunting for cigarette remnants to extract tobacco in order to indulge in the Spartan pleasures  and refined past-times unto death.

Priestess of Isis: Winners and losers buried in the grave, rotting with their flesh, falling into millions of shades, is that what you want, a smile of vengeance?

Fuomo: May they be accursed, I’m seeking a different world to dwell, never to be reborn, faraway from Gaia infested with these vermin-pigs;

Priestess of Isis: Ancients call you back, the fates of the rest is up to them and their decisions.

Fuomo: Perfect! A great retaliation to let them be – as they are! With wreath of oak’s laurels, only those who work and toil, commit and cross beyond and above are free, may the rest rot as punishment for ignorance, delusion, lies!

Priestess of Isis: Millions of millions of souls into darkness….

Fuomo: Prophesy fulfilled, I’m not their dictator nor teacher, they have great pigs to rule over them and destroy their world inclusive of themselves

Priestess of Isis: We are watching from the worlds Divine’ yet does it not elicit a tear from your eye?

Fuomo: No more, no more, my eyes of Horus, may he be my great Judge, as for the rest – I’m not a judge, let me mock their vile foolishness and arise whiling away the time.

Priestess of Isis: You’ve committed well, no more is required of you, years in ascent against all odds, years in insanity and pain, overcome and re-coined.

Fuomo: Thus I know, certain of this, let me spend my life untouched by this ugly world, and the smile of foreknowledge, a bit vile, grow as the pigs run to the abyss, chased by their overlords, all of them being blind. Red Dragon demands to grow his gardens slow, while the crucified liar with his followers perish in beholder’s hells! Glory to Mithra and Zoroaster!

Priestess of Isis: Yes, they’ve crucified a liar, he was no god incarnate, but that was a political game of hastening false times. You’ll be released and free, for loyalty to Stellar Brethren and all the works accomplished, reverted, undone, they are remembered – now go wonder throughout life, nothing greater than your spirit will ever emerge from that.

Fuomo: ‘Tis true, shield my brain and mind from further perversions, deformations, that an uneasy game against enemies.

Priestess of Isis: Your new Godbody and mind are ready, do not worry for the decaying, degenerating form, fight for self-preservation if for nothing else.

Fuomo: We are parting here, my Dragon-brain can’t even perceive holiness anymore, it is dead and focused, like a serpent hunting its warm-blooded prey.

Priestess of Isis: All will be returned upon departure aging Drakon. For now, listen yea, don’t you find yourself among the chosen? Because although a fighter, you are the most accursed! Accursed, accursed be for not committing with all strength. The Gods mock you, as you mock those suffered ‘vermin’, in the blindness, in their toils.

Fuomo: That was expected too, that you’ll be siding with swine from a superior, immortalized position. Mind that I’m a mortal and I see things differently. Then, I’ll find my justice in hells, for it seemingly was banished there. I shall be that Rudra of past universe that ruined and annihilated all worlds, or a good companion as a destroyer to such a power.

Priestess of Isis: Nothing can forbid you any fates, destinies written already

Fuomo: Are you playing with me? I’ll see upon the stare of death and beyond.

Priestess of Isis: The true unveiling. How handsome, you are truly indifferent to your fates.

Fuomo: Thus can they threaten me? I’m a free man

Priestess of Isis: In beggar’s robes perish, young Saturn, free man.

Fuomo: I’ll perish as the fates and Godsplease, farewell.

Mnemosyne is Aletheia

I was riding on bus no. 146, among sweat of toiling people. That is a line in Warsaw, Poland that connects the National Stadium subway station and proximal area where I dwell. I was attempting to gather my thoughts, listening to ‘Flesh and Bone’ by Black Math. I closed my eyes. The visions took me to fields of Afro-American slaves, who sung in unison as shadows of their past. How did a free man react to injustice wrought on him by fates? How did an African slave react to injustice already being a slave? – among thoughtforms these were the most piercing. Tears of a free man are different from fettered one, the latter have a taste of iron around his neck. I checked in my thoughts: -”Fuomo, are you there?”. But merely silence resounded. The merciful dead put a garland of flowers around my neck, as I re-entered my starry temple. Everything was in bloom, the grapevine climbing, roses growing perseveringly, the marble walls, the mighty colonnades through which I could see the universe. There was a fountain in the middle of a neo-classical style. Leanan sídhe, Morrigu, was next to me, as a silver-like female figure full of grace and beauty, I was but a mere ghost, blueish-azurine light, feeling only contentment. We gazed together into the stars, as she was supporting my shoulder with her hand.

-”That, my friend is your completeness, your Euidaimonia” – she whispered. -”We are here for a mere while, it is an illusion that will soon fall apart” – she said in a delicate and subtle manner.

I pondered for a while and looked around again, everything seemed as it was, perfect and complete. All woes were frozen here, all misfortunes fading away, and as the memories were engraved into the pillars of the temple, there was a question suspended in her breath: -”Do you want to remember your Earthly life? – she asked, I replied -”That is a burden I’d gladly forget, but may total memory of everything that is a sister of Truth be returned to me, we shall become as one” – I uttered slowly weighing my words, composing them with great care.

I fell on one knee in adoration of the Mater Magna, the temple was washed away by stellar winds, my souls shattered, united with her, rallying all my past, present and future into one shout of ascent and rest.

-”Truth, after all, does not tolerate any illusion, she is immortal like memory of herself, for she is the Numinous Brilliant Fire, Silence, Profundity, Abyss and an Idea. Beautiful Ideas either from the Intellect or Feeling that reverberate in great symphonies of Truth my friends, never die, they are the soul of the universe, epitomized among constellations, who has comprehended that is already a hero among the starry vaults, his heart akin to immortals in sincerity of the last dance” – Morrigu bowed to the empty scene  and herself disappeared.

I opened my eyes, it was my bus stop, rain was slowly developing from Autumn’s storm-clouds, as I wondered through the streets observing shades of the deceased and spirits of the nearby forest, scant manifestations of scarab-cored wings above, I reached this batchelor’s flat of mine.





“Or what happens when you take sacred symbols and fundamentalize them into a story”

Mistress of Archons or an Immortalized Female


Fuomo was standing in the middle of the city, while his head was attacked by impostors.

Winged Fanatic: -’We shall obliterate you liar, follow our Christ’

He knew better. After all he was a Hekatic child, that Goddess of the passages, a young Absinthion, one of the children of the Sun, that through turmoil of life and countless ordeals rectified his spirit into something lighter, star-splendid and immortal.

He replied in his thoughts: -’Impostors, you shall be exterminated’.

Winged Fanatic: -’When, you devil?’ – he heard the fake reply -’Kneel to our master!’ – ‘Lucifer, the bringer of Light’ – he shouted.

Fuomo: -’When the sword of Horus and Ra will strike you down, your Christ was an Essene, I.N.R.I, cast into hellfires. Lucifer is Venus, Vespera in the Evening! You have abused the holy serpentine energies to enwing your maggots!’

Winged Fanatic: -’It is forbidden, you talk about forbidden knowledge!’ –  he yelled



Fuomo: -’Is it not one’s like you that forbid to taste the plums of immortality from the tree of life, never reaching for any, scorned, that guarded by our Dragon superiors, great among the Stars forged from men and women great Sun-Disks, Kings and Queens, Masters and Mistresses, that pitched their wholeness mastered themselves, gaining the mighty crown of Earth, thrice enthroned, that through the power of Ra, in tranquil abiding mastered the Lunar Crown, that by greatness of swiftness mastered Mercurial Crown, that by force of sublime love, mastered the Venusian crown, that by the greatness of their war-like dancing swords, conquered the crown of Mars at their hearts, that by the nobility and magnanimous stance, planted the seed of Jupiter at their lung, that by severity and overcoming of great storms won the Saturn’s crown, that by the mercy of headlessness seek to rejoice on the crowning of Helios – the Head of Ankh, and by the greatness of each of those countless battles of heart, mind, body and souls to become as Gods and Goddesses, supported by the Bull Queens and Serpents of Stars upon the Bark of Millions of Millions of years! Is it not you and your worms that lead to blood-shed with your lies, persecution and slander?’


Winged Fanatic: -’You shall not be forgiven, you shall burn in hells, you shall, you shall!’ – shouted the Christian bigot. -’We have armies of wings!’ – he cried

Fuomo: -’I stand proudly on Earth, not even intending to wrestle with you maggots, I  have armies of stars and objective glory of their truth on my side, forces of ancient times, Angeli Bonum, Agathos Daimones and Deities at this summit of all religions, civilizations, their Kings and Queens, Emperors and Empresses, you pest infected and ruined, slaughtered Earth to white-wash yourselves with a pest-slave lie, you shall perish by the curse of centuries!’

Winged Fanatic: -’Cruel maniac, sadist!’

Fuomo: -To the lions!’ – he replied -’Justice of ages, maggot of a Levantine desert godling!’ – he shouted back

Winged Fanatic -’You won’t cross the abyss, that was prevented!’ – he yelled, attacking his head.

Fuomo boasting: ’Tartarus I have passed, meeting the countenance of the Deepest God the abyss and Goddess – silence of an idea, like Eleusinian masters and mistresses, upon which my sight was returned, you lying maggot! Hells I have passed, meeting the countenance of Hephaistos, thus I was baptized in fire ready to scorch you with my breath, liberated by Horus, you lying maggot! Blood rites I have passed, in which I sacrificed my veins to the chtonic worlds, thus I was baptized in the great underworld, liberated by the force of Ea, the God of Wisdom, you lying maggot!

Winged Fanatic: -’You put our ranks into disarray pest, worship our master, our Christ’ – he shouted

Fuomo: -’Zealot, one’s like you shall fill hells of the New Aeon, liars, your Towers cast into torment and obliteration!

Winged Fanatic: ‘Stripped of power and force, siddhi and greatness, you scourge of the Sun, are a menace to our holy church!’

Fuomo: Power hungry pigs of liars! Although slaughtered and turned into a dead mauvian shade, my Red Star is shining, and so is my spirit, all of you will be put to sword with the resulting transitions of times! Although I lost my Red Force, by title I am a Beast of Solar God!

Winged Fanatic: -’I shall behead you, beast of evil!’ – shouted the slave.

Fuomo :-’My heads are seven, but one, arising onto the Eight, as assigned I shall chastise you, liars, for I am the Aion, that will destroy your veils, slaughter darkness, and all that submitted to a lying religion of pest and the Levantine Hebrews!’

Winged Fanatic: –You Provoke your fates! – attacking again

Fuomo: All shall be resolved after I pass away from this wretched life, the Other Side will respond to the call.

A swift arrow of gold destroyed the Angel into nothingness, as an Artemisian smile arose on Fuomo’s face.

Kurukulle  (Detail E)


Dialogue XXXII: On Scribes, Adepts and Magicians

Fuomo was sitting in his room pondering, while a certain devil in company of his damsels arrived, they questioned him:

Archibald: So, we heard about you, writing things that are annoying to some, why do you write?

Fuomo: People of insight see the causalities of the world, by understanding them, they seek to establish proportion and harmony, I put it into writing for such a purpose.

Devilish damsel: Clearly you didn’t get your path right [kisses him on the cheek], and you miss something too [she started riding on him with her fiery black winged body]

Fuomo ignoring the damsel said: Ah, you don’t arouse me by an inch honeycomb, for I have different things to do, I’m not a saint to tempt, but a sage to see.

Devilish damsel: You poor man, clearly you don’t even know how to play anymore.

Fuomo [turning to Archibald]: What works on Christians, does not work with a Pagan man, don’t you know that once we respected you as Sathyrs, lusty darlings of the forests with their sathyrias [pointing to the damsel]

Archibald: Clearly, some weird diabolism has occurred, a pagan outsmarting a Christian man, and mocking all his sacred things in order to reach for the Divine.

Fuomo: I got the poignant pun. You most likely don’t care for what I do, Boer dispatched a beautiful familiar that taught me ethos of goes and philosophy of Greece

Archibald: Boer, your friend is twisting your philosophy left and right, after he had taught you the high thought of ancients, some mischievous scheme [he pondered theatrically]

Fuomo: Tis’ true, daimons of higher rank than mortal man kin to myself, yet don’t you think that a most profound order is found in the stars?

Archibald: [looking to the nightly sky] Most profound, the stars are there, may there be there are Gods? Possibly, but we are here, on Earth, in Europe, and you earned a devilish degree.

Fuomo: Ah, you know I’m a free man, tied by responsibility.

Archibald: Scribing scribing little scribe, we don’t care, what is good we blast away, not out of malice

Devilish Damsel: No, no.

Archibald: Don’t interrupt Borgia [he winked at her], we show liberties that are truly indifferent, understood?

Fuomo: Yet, humankind resembles thee, indifferent to anything but themselves and their own, bringing to ruin others with no remorse nor degree of comprehension that I bear like a urden solitary.

Archibald: We drive you insane, we scheme and plot, you haven’t noticed?

Fuomo: I have a certain objective pattern of seeing, a tiger devours a Hindi man, an Akkadian king slays a lion, I know, yet between microcosm, objective pattern and macrocosm there are things even you obey.

Archibald: I’m free like you, yet I’m more of a magician than you a scribe, I will all, you will a castrated order, I will everything, you will your little consignments, I am of silver, you are of lead, where do we differ, now you see?

Fuomo: An illusionist, that is true, yet you must be tied with the iron chain, inasmuch as I’m tied with a lead one, and some of virtue with that of gold.

Archibald: Far cry from liberation or enlightenment.

Borgia: [exposing her corset] liberate me!

Fuomo: Would you like to talk with Confucius?

Archibald: He was a man of deed, you are a scribing scribe.

Fuomo: That is true, yet I am consigned by fates of slavery, he was acting in the world of free.

Archibald: Act then! [smiling]

Fuomo: With gentlemen like you to push the house of cards down.

Archibald: Nothing less, nothing more!

Fuomo: I paved my way to the stars

Archibald: Gods nurture you, but not us, and not other, so stop annoying with lettered words those who you wish to inseminate with things they may, or may not claim.

Fuomo: Just. Old Sathyr, Iblis under desert Sun, you are right in your twisted wisdom, but neither me nor you can liberate us from fates, yours is to be free in a small world, mine was brought to ruin by many a’fools, and ones like you.

Archibald: You know what your curse is?

Fuomo: I must be, for nothing may change an old ruined dog

Archibald: This you understand, I smile at thee

Fuomo: Let us part, I have no wishes, and if I do, they belong to Divinity

Archibald: And so it once was ‘wit me.